Visor Frames are the perfect way to remind drivers that "Your Text Can Wait."

Visor Frames aims to encourage drivers that "your text can wait." Promoting safety and reducing the number of accidents each year is top of mind for our company.

In a society that is always "connected", texting and driving has significantly increased a driver's chances of being in an accident. A texting driver is 23 times more likely to get into a crash than a non-texting driver and it is equivalent to drinking and driving. (2009, VTTI) There are many more startling statistics like these that contributed to our passion about bringing awareness to this epidemic.

Visor Frames recently became the official product of a National Insurance Company's "Wait to Text" program. They have locations in 26 states with over 6,700 agencies. With cell phone use integrated into daily lives now more than ever, their mission was to also bring more awareness to this safety concern through this program.

From a study taken at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, though 95% of drivers surveyed said texting behind the wheel was unacceptable and unsafe, at least 21% admit doing it anyway. Reducing the amount of drivers that text and drive will make our communities roads a safer place.

Visor Frames are sleek, durable picture frames that easily clip to any vehicle sun visor. Visor Frames serve as a constant reminder to drivers that "your text can wait" for the loved one they have displayed in their frame. We are passionate about utilizing our product as a creative tool to help any organization promote this concept of not texting while driving.

Spreading the message to drivers that "your text can wait," will in turn keep the roads a safer place. For more information about the "Your Text Can Wait" program please fill out the form below.

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